Ashtanga Yoga Maui, Hawaii








Nancy Gilgoff was the first American woman to practice with Guruji in Mysore.  She carries in her heart the flame that Guruji kindled, and through her touch, transmits his essence and teaching.  She is a master of energy healing and walks the path of self realization.  Students travel from the far ends of the planet to practice with her because she is truly unique.  Find her in Maui, if you can.

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Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki

Track down Petri Raisanen wherever he may be teaching, and experience first hand the nature of “sidis” gained from years of energy healing, daily practice, and heartfelt teaching.  He could be in Helsinki at one of the shalas he runs with Juha Javanainen (also a great teacher).  He could be at a retreat in Goa, Thailand, or northern Sweden?  He sat with Guruji and discussed the effects of every posture in primary and intermediate series in order to write his book.  Wait for it in English, although the photos are amazing in any language.

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Mysore San Francisco








A tiger in stylish kitten’s clothing, Magnolia Zuniga teaches traditional ashtanga yoga from the heart.  Her vibrant San Francisco practice group will welcome you.  Go get some. click here:

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Ashtanga Yoga Center, Carlsbad, CA








Tim Miller is a legendary teacher who took the breath and practice to the outer limits.  He was the first westerner to be certified to teach by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, after being under his tutelage for years.  He is revered and loved by his legion of students and his studio is vibrant and joyful, reflecting Tim’s true nature.  If you want to move somewhere to devote yourself to learning the practice, this would be a great choice. click here:

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Ashtanga Yoga New York










Eddie Stern is the high priest of ashtanga yoga in New York City.  He is able to be the limelight, remain unmoved, and to maintain his humble, benevolent, and joyful nature.  He clearly follows in the footsteps of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and is a teacher’s teacher.  His was the first ashtanga yoga shala in the city and now is also a Ganesha Temple. click here:

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Ashtanga Yoga Shala New York City

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Guy Donahaye teaches traditional yoga therapy on an individual basis in his sweet shala on east 8th Street.  He is a certified teacher who avoids the limelight, but attracts those who want one on one teaching from the hands of a master.  He is supportive, generous, and patient. His book is a must read for all serious yoga students.  www. AYSNYC.ORG


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Sruti Yoga Center – Great Barrington MA



This is my home shala and I have been teaching ashtanga yoga here since being authorized to teach by Sharath and Guruji in 2009.  The studio is owned by Amy Webb, whose incredible lightness of being makes her an incomparable teaching partner and program director.

Sruti’s main program is traditional Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga. Mysore practice is held weekdays and led classes are held on weekends. Come to observe, meet your teachers, receive an intro packet, and if you’d like, begin a short practice. All welcome.

Please contact Amy with any questions: 413.717.5058 or

Click here to go to Sruti Yoga Center

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